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TCS Card
Make your TCS experience more rewarding with your TCS Card. Being pioneer of Reward program in the logistics industry in Pakistan; this is a gratitude to our valuable customers like you for long association with TCS and counting on us to meet all of your logistics needs.

TCS Card will offer you reward points on each transaction that can be redeemed through various channels and in utilizing different services offered by TCS and beyond. Similarly, TCS card also features the Prepaid Services where you can upload balance and gain top-ups.

Reward Points vary for different products which will enrich your experience with TCS Card. More transactions with TCS mean more reward points which can also be accumulated through transactions at online Express Centers. Indicative table for points earning is mentioned below:

Product Reward* Points
Documents 2%
Parcel 1%
Time Choice 3%
Red Box 1%
Overland 0.5%
International 1%
Sentiments 1%

*Subject to taxes wherever applicable
*These are indicative points. Actual points may vary and will be changed from time to time
Users would be updated on both accumulation and redemption through SMS.
Redemption mediums include the following,

      ·         Express Centre
      ·         Discount Vouchers
      ·         Hazir  SabKuch Voucher

How to apply for your TCS Card?

You can apply for your TCS Card through the following channels:

  • Visit your nearest TCS Express Center while you book your shipment and get TCS Card registration form filled.
  • Click Here to apply for TCS Card online.

How to top up your TCS Card?
You can load balance in your card between 1000 to any amount and gain top-ups of as much as 15%. SMS confirmation would be sent on load and utilization of prepaid services. You will earn topups according to the following schedule:

Prepaid Amount (Rs.) Top-Up*
1,000 - 4,999 10%
5,000 - 19,999 12.5%
20,000 and above 15%

*Subject to taxes wherever applicable
*Top-up percentages can be changed as per company’s discretion.

Balance can be loaded from the following modes:

Payment at Express Centers:
      ·         HBL – Online Banking


To view your transactions based on TCS Cards you can log into your account for many functions like:

        ·         Transactions of last 6 months with TCS along with consignment numbers and tracking functionality
        ·         Reward Points accumulation
        ·         Reward points utilization
        ·         Prepaid balance upload
        ·         Prepaid payment utilization
        ·         Convert reward points into discount voucher eg. Yayvo, sentiments etc.
        ·         View details of TCS products/services and corresponding reward points
        ·         Be updated of latest promotions

To log onto the portal click on the following link:
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