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Cool Control

TCS Cool Control, the new temperature controlled delivery service, is part of the full spectrum cold chain solution system being offered by TCS to provide customized transport solutions. The operation of this logistics solution system includes temperature-controlled warehousing and transportation, ice pack boxes for air shipment, and emergency protocols for safety of goods, etc.

To provide the best possible tracking of such shipments, a complete real-time solution is provided to the consignees. For instant access, customers can check their shipments through round the clock satellite tracking which is available to them through the tracking portal web or their mobile app.

TCS guarantees that the products are cared for through the damage prevention measures taken at every step. TCS considers this as yet another frontier conquered in terms of ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

The key features and benefits are:

Product Range
• Life-saving drugs
• Exotic fruits & vegetables
• Cut flowers
• Other temperature sensitive products
Customer Care
• Customer hotline
• Instant quotations
• Personalized services
• Customized solutions

Full Spectrum Cold Chain Solution

• Cold chain advisory services
• Customized transport solutions
• Contract logistics
• Spot deals
• Temperature controlled warehousing
• Ice pack boxes for air shipment

Emergency Preparedness

• Dual power system
• Standby engineers
• Emergency response plan
• Intensive driver training
• Backup arrangements
• Multiple charging points

Web Solutions

• 24/7 Satellite tracking
• Tracking portal web access to customer
• Real time temperature monitoring
• Automatic email & sms alerts
• Online self order booking
• Geo fencing
• Mobile app for instant tracking

Innovative Offerings

• Milk runs and consolidation
• Bulk liquid carriage option
• Focus on safety and security
• Rapid response
• Disinfected containers

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