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Hazir – SubKuch

What is Hazir SubKuch?

We live in a very fast paced world where time is very valuable for most people. We often hear this saying, “too much to do, too little time.” Often, the “too much to do” is a lot of bringing something from somewhere or taking something to some place. This includes getting groceries, paying bills, picking up clothes from the tailor and various other similar tasks. Errands, on their own, are very small but when account for the time you spent in undertaking the travel to do them, the traffic on the way or the fatigue of waiting in queue for your turn, the effort required by the task exceeds the value of the errand.

TCS being a market leader of Express & logistic industry in Pakistan understand that time is of the essence and therefore through SubKuch Pakistan & UAE, we have planned to offer a solution to our customers by removing the inconvenience and hassle one would otherwise face, by being at their service to deliver almost from anything to everything, in the least possible time.

SubKuch offering:

TCS has been offering topnotch Express & Logistics service around Pakistan since 30 years but customers’ demands from TCS has been accelerated. Customers perceive TCS as a shipping solution provider for all their goods transportation needs which includes parcels, documents, E- commerce products and even their groceries.

Therefore, Hazir SubKuch will cater the uprising demands of customers through dedicated force deployed in all across Pakistan. Hazir SubKuch is not limited to purchasing of food products, grocery etc. it covers the crucial demands as well. The two major offerings are as below:-

1.  Procurement Model     

Through Hazir SubKuch procurement model we will first purchase the desired product for customers such as food item, grocery, entertainment, medicines, electronics, apparel, car accessories etc. and then deliver it to the desired location of customer.

2.  Concierge Model

Hazir SubKuch concierge model will be accommodating customers who want to send their personal belongings from one place to another (intercity or intra city). The beauty of this service is that customers can use same day service. This include picking up and delivering gifts, documents deliveries, product distribution, bill payments, food delivery, boutique delivery and a variety of tasks from stopping by the grocery store to picking up samples from a carpet store etc.  

Customer may opt for a hybrid of the two models whereby he can ask TCS to buy a product and distribute according to his given mechanism.

Hazir SubKuch Time Specific Delivery:

-   We have also incorporated time specific option which will help customer to deliver their personal belongings or procured products to be delivered at a particular time as demanded.

Timings: 24/7

Medium to approach Hazir SubKuch:

Customers have the option to contact Hazir SubKuch through:

-    TCS YAYVO Website (Live chat option is also available)

-    Call Center  (111-123-456)

-    Whatsapp (+92 0316-1123456)

-    TCS Mobile App

http://www.tcscouriers.com/TCS/userfiles/image/google-play-store.jpg                          http://www.tcscouriers.com/TCS/userfiles/image/iOS.jpg

UAE Hazir SubKuch:

In order to facilitate NRP’s & foreigners in UAE, TCS has launched UAE Hazir SubKuch. Using the service a customer living in UAE can place order for procurement & delivery within Pakistan. Apart from this we also offer procurement from UAE & delivery to Pakistan, as well as procurement & concierge within UAE.

Scope of Hazir SubKuch UAE:

        ·   Abu Dhabi

        ·   Dubai

        ·   Sharjah

        ·   Ajman

        ·   Fujairah

        ·   Ras Al Khaimah

        ·   Umm Al Quwain

Payments Terms:
   -   COD

-   Advance collection

   -   IBFT (Inter Bank Fund Transfer)

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