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ECOM Solutions

TCS brings speed, reach and power along with customized suite of E-commerce solutions to help you grow your business online.

Your Plug & Play Platform for Online Success

Our Platform
TCS Ecom Solutions is a product catering to the needs of all aspirational E-Retailers who want quick flow of goods to their customers. From simple shipment preparation to seamless last mile deliveries, TCS Ecom Solutions offers a complete range of services including updated shipment tracking, timely email and sms alerts, easy transfer of funds and convenient return solutions to bolster and support your business.

E-Com Product & Services

E-Retail Portal  
Our E-Retail Portal helps you automate your shipping process, minimize errors and control costs. It’s a powerful yet easy tool for shipment preparation, booking and tracking and all E-Retailers can view and print updated summary reports of their cash collected and fetch billing details with just one click.  
Pick-Up from Premises  
We offer pick-up services directly from your desired location. Our agile couriers arrive at your facility, verify booking and take hold of your shipments to be delivered nationwide.  
Multiple Delivery Options  
TCS ECom solutions offer Express, 2nd day services to all areas of Pakistan. Using our core-competency of last-mile logistics and a dense network across country, we reach your consignees overnight or in a few days, depending on shipping methods chosen.  
Weekly Cash Transfer  
Our speedy cash transfer mechanism allows our E-Retailers to manage their cash flows conveniently. TCS Ecom Solutions guarantees weekly transfer of funds via IBFT with complete summary and billing reports available on portal.  
Customized Delivery as per Payment Option  
We will have a delivery method customized according to whether online shoppers have chosen cash-on-delivery or prepaid methods with which to pay for their purchase.  
Hold for Collection Shipments  
Your consignees can pick their shipments from their nearest Express Center or nearest area offices on demand. If they are unavailable at delivery location at the time of delivery, we can still service them speedily through our spread Express Center network.  
Warehousing & Transportation  
We offer customized warehousing and transportation solutions as per the requirements of our clients on chargeable basis.  

E-Comm Support Services

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Email & 
Shipper & 

Simply “Plug-In” to our system by Creating an Account and start “Playing”, that is begin shipping across Pakistan. Our value added services and customized suite of Ecom Solutions provide you speed, reach and reliability to help you grow your online business.

The brochure and video documentary below would help you find out the wide-ranging customized suite TCS offers under its Ecom Solutions.

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