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Passport Express

TCS, in collaboration with the Government of Pakistan and National Bank of Pakistan launched the MRP Home Delivery Project recently. Under this project, the citizens of Pakistan have a more convenient and cost-effective option of having their Machine Readable Passports delivered to them right at their doorsteps through TCS Passport Express.

This is a Public Sector Development Program of the Government of Pakistan which has been mandated to convert manual passports and visas into Machine Readable Passports and visas, and then print the passports and visas before delivering them to the applicants within a specified time.

This new ‘Home Delivery of Machine Readable Passports’ service offers a swift, reliable, and secure option to the applicants and delivers their passports at their given home addresses.

TCS ensures that the Machine Readable Passports dispatched by the MRP Office reach the correct person or his authorized representative on the given address within the prescribed time limit and in a safe and secure manner. 

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