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TCS CONNECT is the Company's Customer Newsletter published from Karachi on a bi-monthly basis and circulated amongst its customers/corporate circles in South Asia (Pakistan), Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other parts of the UAE/Middle East and Canada (The Americas) and The United Kingdom (London).

TCS CONNECT commands excellent readership and value in diverse sectors of business that TCS Express caters to in all TCS Express regions of the world.

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Current Issue
CPEC - Connect
January 2018


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Previous Issues
Connect Spring Edition
May 2017


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TCS Connect – Volume 14 / Issue 1
September 2015


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TCS CONNECT -Volume:11/Issue:3
December 2013


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CONNECT August,2013/Vol:12/Issue:2
August 2013


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TCS CONNECT -Volume:11/Issue:2
August 2012


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TCS CONNECT-Volume:11/Issue:1
April 2012


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TCS CONNECT-DEC, 2011 Vol-10, Issue-3
December 2011


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December 2010

 Business today is hard pressed to carry on as usual. When it rains in Pakistan, it really pours, and I say this both literally and metaphorically. Having said that, ‘have umbrella, will travel.’ And by golly! Have we traveled in the past few months since the last edition of octara.com was published. Floods and bomb blasts not withstanding, Octara succeeded in notching up an impressive roster of events that catered to building of capacity in both the corporate world

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CONNECT 2005 OCT Vol:1 Issue 5
October 2006


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TCS CONNECT-Anniversary Issue
May 2003


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