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Express & Logistics
TCS is the leading courier industry of Pakistan. With its 30 years of experience in the express courier industry, it is widely trusted for reliability, speed and convenience. TCS provides time sensitive packages and business documents delivery services across Pakistan, UK and United Arab Emirates. A wide range of document, parcel and cargo services both domestic and international are offered.
Mail Management Solution
MMS - Mail Management Solution stands upon the single largest investment in infrastructure, made by TCS for continuous delivery of value. MMS is equipped with state of the art printing and sorting technology that has been sourced from the best suppliers across Europe and Asia Pacific. This makes TCS the only end to end solution provider in the category with the largest delivery network in Pakistan.
Gifts & Greetings
TCS Sentiments Express is a personalized, high valued gift delivery service offering a wide array of gifts from gourmet cakes, floral bouquets, ethnic sweets, to various other elegantly wrapped gifts, delivered with a personalized greeting card in Pakistan. Since 1989, TCS Sentiments Express has been part of TCS, the leading air express courier in Pakistan. In the time, it has become Pakistan’s premier gift delivery and greetings service.
Air Freight Solutions
TCS Aviation, a division of TCS Private Limited, specializes in delivering customized air freight solutions for Freight Forwarders, Pharmaceutical Industry, Charities & Relief Organizations, Government Departments, Airlines, General Sales Agents, Oil & Automotive Industries and Brokers. TCS Aviation operates with a dedicated fleet of aircraft & worldwide offices in Pakistan, Dubai and London. You can be assured that we would fulfill your air freight & charter requirements to your satisfaction.
Supply Chain
TCS Logistics Private Limited was incorporated on June 2002. Started as a transport provider however it soon grew into a total logistics solution company offering trucking, distribution & warehousing facility in response to strong customer demand.
Visa Facilitators
Visatronix, a division of Intiana Private Limited, extends booking facilities for visa applicants in the non-immigrant (work, visit, study) categories for applicants all over Pakistan for Canada, India, Spain, Italy, Malta and South Africa. Applications are booked on a "Return Service Basis" at selected TCS Express Centres in all major cities.
Travel Services
Intiana, a Tranzum enterprise, offers services for Umrah & Travel.Intiana is dedicated to facilitating our customers in meeting all their travel related needs with personalized services and well-trained staff for customer support.
Event Management
Octara is an independent business unit of TCS Private Limited. With a team of dedicated professionals in the fields of event management, publications, marketing and corporate services, Octara is geared to provide the best possible solutions in these areas to the corporate, government and NGO sectors in Pakistan and the UAE.
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