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Industry and Our Services
All TCS entities operate under the Holdings Company within the broad
spectrum of logistics and its related services extending into
its corporate and consumer customer base
TCS Holdings (Private) Limited, Pakistan, owns the country’s largest logistics services infrastructure, through seven companies in the fields of Courier, Warehousing & Distribution, Trucking, Air and Sea freight as well as Ecommerce.

While the above are mostly business-to-business services, an array of consumer services is also provided by TCS companies dedicated to Travel and Visa Services, Gifts-Delivery, & Concierge Services. A patented “Supply Chain Advisory” service offers customized solutions to corporate customers, which extend to project management for customers looking to outsource non-core activities.

Customers outsourcing key processes to TCS include government departments, multi-national corporations, Utility Companies and Banks. Such projects are implemented by TCS through dedicated teams or facilities. One such facility is a state-of the-art equipment for printing and stuffing of millions of enevelopes containing utility bills or bank or credit card statements. TCS operates its own transportation fleet from two wheelers to vans/trucks, and aircraft.

The newest TCS Company is TCS E-Com (Private) Limited was founded in 2014. The website Yayvo.com is nationally focused while the recently launched studiobytcs.com aims to take Pakistani fashion global.

TCS has a strategic partnership with the world’s largest package delivery and supply chain solutions provider ‘United Parcel Service’ - UPS who have exclusive access to its sales and delivery network in Pakistan. Reciprocally TCS has access to UPS global network. Its services and strategic alliance with the giant UPS gives TCS global reach & scope.
A 100% Pakistani enterprise with 34 years track record, TCS has significant potential in the context of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Projects, where Logistics is a key component.

A strong service-culture and state-of-the-art technology enables close to a million human interactions every day.

Employing over 12,000 people in Pakistan - some in the country’s remotest corners, and serving customers either through its 900 retail outlets or at nearly every doorstep in the country, TCS is widely recognized within the industry and academia, for its economic and social impact. The history of TCS is subject of a Harvard Business School.

Case Study on Entrepreneurship titled: TCS – AN ENTRPERENEURIAL AIR EXPRESS COMPANY IN PAKISTAN:https://hbr.org/product/tcs-an-entrepreneurialair- express-company-in-pakistan/803027-PDF-ENG This study has been reproduced in text books taught around the world.
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