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Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a fundamental part of businesses today. Being the largest courier and logistics company of Pakistan, TCS has not disregarded the expectations of its stakeholders, and realizes its responsibility towards the country and society. CSR constitutes the paying of taxes and the running of a tight and transparent operation wherein the employees are well taken care of. In this regard, TCS has few peers and can rightfully claim the high moral ground.

In terms of Corporate Philanthropy TCS provides Free of Cost services to various welfare societies and NGOs, helping their cause in its own way by providing Free of Cost (FOC) basis delivery of their documents, as well as material and moral assistance. Included in this list are organizations like SIUT, Sada Welfare Trust, SOS Village, The Citizens Foundation, The Edhi Foundation, etc. Through its Customer Magazine CONNECT, TCS communicates profiles and news of these worthy causes to its vast database of blue chip customers, providing them with its endorsement.

In the Education Development sector, TCS provides sponsorships and free of charge services to various institutes like IBA, LUMS, School of Leadership, as well as different student bodies.

TCS also helps various governmental organizations like Drug Enforcement Cell, projecting the spirit of patriotism and working for a better Pakistan.
WAR! And The Longing for Peace in Swat...
TCS Hyde Park Juniors
TCS and GEO's PUKAR Team Up for Relief Work

Innocent people have had their lives disrupted and routines shattered by those who would force their irrationality upon civil society through brute force.

WAR! And The Longing for Peace in Swat...As a service provider to the rank and file of civil society, TCS too has borne part of the brunt of this trauma, and shares in the resettlement concerns of the Internally Displaced People.

TCS is doing its bit in alleviating the suffering of the affected from Swat, and has teamed up with GEO TV's PUKAR, an NGO involved in relief work.

TCS Couriers throughout its Network will respond to donation calls made in response to GEO's public service announcements, collect the cheques and deliver them to GEO's PUKAR for onward distribution to the needy.

A number of TCS Couriers have been caught up in the Swat upheaval, and have been provided timely relief by the Company for as long as required until matters return to normal.
Young Leaders of Pakistan
TCS Hyde Park Juniors
10th Young Leaders Conference 2011

The middle of 2011, saw TCS (Private) Limited being the Logistics Partner of School of Leadership at the forefront of the 10th Young Leaders Conference 2011. The theme for this year was “Emaan, Ittehad, Tanzeem, Inqilaab”. This year also the venue was none other the Sheraton, Karachi. The twelve participants representing TCS (Private) Limited at this six day mega conference organized by SoL were full of enthusiasm and energy. The six day activities kept these future leaders of Pakistan on their toes and were of a very challenging nature, to say the least which varied from day to day. These prodigies were charting unknown terrain and as their minds bodies grappled with creative & innovative ideas, they began to realize their true potential. Following are excerpts taken from some of the participants feedback received and what they had to say about this voyage of self discovery.

“The 6 days of YLC cannot be described by words. It was an experience beyond what I could have ever hoped for. The 360 participants from 40 cities of Pakistan reflect our diversity” Sunaira F. Malik-BBA IBA

“Excitement, Anxiety, Curiosity... these are the words that come across my mind when I re-call the first day of Young Leaders Conferences'. Allah made possible for me through TCS' help and I'm highly indebted to them for providing me this opportunity to groom my personality and find my true potential so that I can be an agent of change for my society.” Maha Sarwar- BBA Karachi University

“To experience attending YLC (Young Leaders Conference) was a life changing experience. After attending this conference I have got many positive changes in my personality, my way of thinking and vision towards work has totally changed. From first day of this conference till the very last moment, I enjoyed and learnt a lot.” Arsalan Khalid – ISB-Accounts Officer

“At the Young Leader’s Conference they showed us how we can be proud Pakistani’s, stay positive and how we can motivate our nation to work for our beloved Pakistan.” Muhammad Zakria (ISB - Assistant Manager Operations Ufone)

Flood Relief Activity
TCS Hyde Park Juniors
TCS Joins Hands with Leading Media Partners for flood Relief activity

The recent floods in Pakistan have caused devastation of enormous proportions, leaving at least 1600 dead and millions homeless. A large area the size stretching from Pakistan¹s north to south has been destroyed. The ravaging floods wiped out thousands of houses, schools, shops, markets, hotels, parks, crops, and billions rupees of investment. Till now many have lost the battle of their life. The affected and survivors are also facing threat of death & disease. At the moment more than six million desperately need emergency aid but most still have not received it. Tens of thousands of villages remain under water. The floods are now covering an area size of England. At least 160,000 square kilometers of land is covered with water.It is estimated the country's economic losses could spiral to approximately $80 billion.

As a service provider to the rank and file of civil society, TCS too has borne part of the responsibility of this trauma, and shares in the resettlement concerns of the Internally Displaced People. TCS is doing its bit in alleviating the suffering of the affected people and has joined hands with Leading Media Partners GEO TV, ARY DIGITAL and AAJ TV for flood relief work.

All media partners have made Flood Relief Funds. TCS couriers throughout the length and breadth of the country will respond to donation calls for collection of crossed cheques from official and residential addresses and deliver them to Media Partners accordingly. Similarly these crossed cheques can be dropped at 398 Express Centers located all across the country.

Lets help our people in this time of need.
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